Activities at Tourné

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Cycle Tours in the Pyrénées-Ariègoise


Top quality mountain and road bikes can be hired and delivered to Tourné for use during your stay. It is also possible for you, your party and hire bikes all to be met at Toulouse airport and transfered to Tourné. There are many options and for the serious road cyclist or off-roader,... read more

tree climbing adventures near tourné

Climbing Adventures


Enjoy some amazing days out at the Sequoia Vertigo park near Carla Bayle, 40 minutes drive from Tourné. We went for our son when he was aged 6, but really, we loved it! There are climbs from half  ametre to 30 metres. A very safe fully harnassed and well organised series of climbs and... read more

Motor Bike Tours


This area of the Pyrenees is perfect for bike tours. Windng roads, very little traffic, mountain and forest. We can provide covered parking for up to six large bikes.  read more

Events at Tourne

11 Apr

Dzogchen Retreat

An authentic Dzogchen retreat. The retreat is fully subscribed. Mail Ram to be placed on the waiting list read more

23 Apr

Neurofeedback: Transformational Retreat

please see here for full details read more

26 May
dao yin

Glimpses of Tao

MeditationRejuvenation & well-being Guided by: Ram Chatlani

A short retreat to open the heart, awaken awareness, move stagnant energy, deeply relax, experience positive meditative states, glimpse the Tao. read more

31 Jul
ba gua single palm change

Ba Gua & Circle Walking: Energy & Meditation

Ba-guaMeditation Guided by: Ram Chatlani

Learn, improve and deepen your understanding of the ancient Taoist art of ba gua: eight trigrams circle walking.  read more

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