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Ram Chatlani

Local Town – St. Girons

Local town St Girons is a fifteen minute drive from Tourné. St Girons is famous for its Saturday morning market. There you will find a mix of old and new. Individual growers selling vegetables, fruit or mushrooms collected from local woods. At the same time there are countless stalls with hand made goods from the world over. Notable items are specialty teas, fine quality Cretan Olive oil and products made from local asses milk. The town itself has many fine examples of period architecture-it’s bridges, weirs, churches and grand old houses and hotels. There are many restaurants in St....

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Ba Gua: Eight Trigrams Circle Walking

Ba Gua: Eight Trigrams Circle Walking August 2017 BOOK NOW   CONTACT US   29th July– 4th August 2017 Ba Gua eight trigrams circle walking In ba gua eight trigrams circle walking, ‘ba gua’ means eight trigrams. These refer to the system of hexagrams [two trigrams combined] of the ancient I ching, the book of changes. Ba Gua is also the abbreviated form of baguazhang meaning ‘eight trigrams boxing or palm’. The link between the circle walking art and the book of changes represents one of the world’s most complete and definitive means of exploring and experiencing the laws...

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Da Mo’s Mind Seal marrow washing classic

Da Mo’s Mind Seal Marrow Washing Classic BOOK NOW CONTACT US 4th November– 10th November 2017 Da Mo’s Mind Seal Marrow Washing Classic The marrow washing classic is a qigong series of dynamic forms. Once learnt and practiced, it provides a useful overall systems check of health, emotions, energy, clarity and composure. Da Mo is best known as the first Zen patriarch, the Indian monk Bodhidharma. Bodhidharma the Mahasiddha Ample evidence and esteemed opinion in India, China and Tibet describe the marvellous feats of the monk who sat wall gazing for 6 or nine years. Da Mo is considered...

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Winter Retreat 2018

Tao Winter Retreat 2018 Breath, Energy, Awareness BOOK NOW CONTACT US 5th January 2018 – 14th January 2018 Introduction A ten day silent retreat to learn or to deepen meditation as a means to enjoy good health and a happy life. It is suitable for all levels of experience. A Tao teaching, participants will swiftly experience how the method efficiently quietens the mind and releases accumulated stress, negative emotions and blocked energy. Participants with experience of other traditions and methods will quickly recognise the elements in this approach that are germane to all the great meditation traditions. What to...

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Feeling deeply nourished and invigorated

January 2016 BG, London Feeling Deeply nourished and Invigorated! Feeling deeply nourished ans invigorated, I return home, leaving this precious retreat and home in the mountains with a great peace in my heart and knowing I will find my way back here soon. With love and gratitude. (BG,...

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