Climbing Adventures

Enjoy some amazing days out at the Sequoia Vertigo park near Carla Bayle, 40 minutes drive from Tourné. We went for our son when he was aged 6, but really, we loved it! There are climbs from half  a metre to 30 metres. A very safe fully harnessed and well organised series of climbs and rapid descents. This will have you dreaming of your day when you get home.


Children from the age of about 5 can easily spend a day fully occupied on the small level climbs. They will receive full instructions on how to use the harnessing system and how to fully enjoy the facilities. The park itself is of outstanding natural beauty, full of tall and ancient Sequoia trees as well as other local species, spread over a 10 hectare terrain. Allow a full day for the activity so you can enjoy rest and a picnic in between climbs.

Suitable for anyone whether you are experienced or not, as long as you can comfortably climb a ladder, you’ll manage. Children from the age of about 5 years old.

It's Fun!

If you’ve never done this kind of thing before, you will definitely be delighted that you did! As long as you are reasonably fit and able you will find the challenge as easy or extreme as you choose between low level climbs and higher more exhilarating climbs and rapid descents by wire with a harness and rollers.

Just check that the park is open during the dates of your visit and make sure you have reserved with us. Enjoy a real adventure where clever and gentle use of technology combines modern pulleys and wires with ancient natural trees.