Da Mo’s Mind Seal Marrow Washing Classic

4th November– 10th November 2017

Da Mo’s Mind Seal Marrow Washing Classic

The marrow washing classic is a qigong series of dynamic forms. Once learnt and practiced, it provides a useful overall systems check of health, emotions, energy, clarity and composure.

Da Mo is best known as the first Zen patriarch, the Indian monk Bodhidharma.

Bodhidharma the Mahasiddha

Ample evidence and esteemed opinion in India, China and Tibet describe the marvellous feats of the monk who sat wall gazing for 6 or nine years. Da Mo is considered the forefather of martial arts through his association with the Shaolin Temple. Outside the martial tradition he is known through remarkable feats that defy physicality, notably his wall gazing.

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As a mahasiddha, his energy and efforts are directed towards towards all beings. The mudra is a mind seal, it is like a key that unlocks the heart. The mudra is transmitted during the marrow washing practice until it crystallises in the mind of the practitioner.

Once crystallised,  the heart opens, compassion arises. Compassion and the realisation of emptiness co-emerge.

Even today, Shaolin monks demonstrate a little of what Da Mo pointed at: marvellous physical feats, a calm steady mind, our innate nature.

Da Mo is still silently emanating his message.

Bodhidharma’s Message

It is quite simple to state: empty the mind of thoughts. Stop thinking! If you cannot stop thinking, do not believe your thoughts! If you believe your thoughts, do not believe them for long! This method becomes an integrated mandala with the physical hand and body mudras in the marrow washing classic.

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Qigong is most efficient when practiced in a calm environment, with a calm mind. The deepest healing takes place when we can move in stillness. This is how Da Mo speaks through the marrow washing, through the medium of dharmata. In Taoist terms, it is through the receptive, the feminine, the earth trigram.

Vitality Benefits of marrow washing qigong

Qigong is adapted to the seasons. While the marrow washing classic can be undertaken at any time of year, it is most beneficial when undertaken during autumn. During autumn the practice strengthens the bones and tendons, loosens the muscles, tonifies the organs, releases stagnant energy.

“undertaking the marrow washing in autumn, provisions are well made for winter and spring.”

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Exercise as a framework for seeing directly into the nature of mind.

Seeing the nature of mind through the mudra of da mo purifies awareness; when performing the marrow washing classic, the mind mudra produces wholesome energy in the body beyond that which is produced through movement alone. It is a synergetic practice when awareness, energy and movement seen as dharmata-each together, individually yet inseparably seen as inherent nature.

Through the poetic and symbolic movements of the marrow washing classic, the forms align with dharmata, the single basis Da Mo points at is revealed. We become receptive, open, clear, relaxed, at ease.

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