Dzogchen Retreat

Lineage Holder Lama Lena on The Nature of Mind

18 September – 24 September 2018

Lama Lena Returns

We are honoured and very happy to receive Lam Lena to Tourné for the fifth year. In September 2018 Lama Lena will hold a week long retreat giving teachings on Dzogchen, Mahamudra and the nature of mind.

The Subject of the Retreat

Most of the places on the retreat have been reserved by participants from the 2016 retreat. Lama Lena’s skill in assessing the needs of her audience ensure that the most appropriate and striking teachings will be given.

A multi lineage holder, Lama Lena has a wide range of Dzogchen, Chagchen {Mahamudra} and other texts from which she expertly teaches.

Direct and Penetrating Authentic Dzogchen Meditation practices

Delivered in the supportive and dharma rich environment of Tourné.

Daily Teaching and practice sessions

Lama Lena will usually give two formal teaching sessions each full day of the retreat. She will also give daily practice instructions. Those who wish to continue their practice after Lama Lena formally closes the retreat stay on if they wish-see below.

Attend the Weekend only: 22nd and 23rd September.

You may attend the teachings at Tourné on Saturday 22nd April and Sunday 23rd April, non residential only. Please use the contact form to receive details of how to enroll and to reserve lunch or dinner if you wish.

For those attending the Retreat as Full time Residents

cost of full board and lodging, including snacks and drinks is €560 per person. To book, please mail Ram.

If you wish to arrive a day or two days before the retreat formally begins, or if you would like to stay on one or two nights after the retreat finishes, please let us know in advance. Extra nights are offered at the reduced rate of €40 per night per person including breakfast only.

Email Us to Book or Enquire

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