The Artillac river which runs in front of the house and through the grounds at Tourné is full of peaceful places to fish. Read a review of a fisherman who stayed 2 weeks….

It’s not a river for trophy fishing. Rather, an ultra lightweight sporting approach with flies and a short rod. You will be delighted with the regularity of wild fish.
for good results, try an Ultra-light, bottom line 12 or 14 / 100th. with 00 spoons, 1 or 2 maximum. silver and fluorescent orange on black worked wonders.

Whisk bottom line 10 or

08 / 100th. No long shots, but with throws & rolls

almost under rod yields a catch.

“Spiders” and small flies 16 or 14 white or gray met with greater success.

It suffices to look at the river from the house to the bridge

from 20:00 to be convinced of how busy the river can be in the summer.

However Bring your waders for extra horseflies, the water is Cool.

A delight every afternoon and evening until cut short by the excellent meal house offered by Paula and Ram.

Finally, NO-KILL is de rigeur so everyone can enjoy long this little paradise preserve & nbsp ;!

Good luck to everyone. (translated from a French reviewer)