Whispers of Tao: Healing Voice

7th April– 12th April 2018

Healing Voice: Whispers of Tao, Whispered teachings.

Healing voice is using sound to attune the body, the emotions and the mind.

We are all Moved by Sound

Music moves us. In this short retreat, we will explore the use of sound as a means to harmonise the body, the emotions and the mind.

Sound Dao-in, Sutra, Mantra, Song.

Sound dao-in is the Taoist method for using sound to harmonise the organs. Sutra are the words of the Buddha, in the form of chants. They are protective and uplifting. Mantra are condensed sound formulae that bring the mind to non-ordinary states of awareness. Songs are more complex formulae that express our experience.

We will connect ancient formula and method with modern intuition through the vital significance of the voice as a means to explore, express and release.

The breath of life, the energy of sound.

The ancient Taoists used the breath to investigate “silent sounds”.

“Music helps to concentrate oneself.  it brings oneself to an inner state when we can assume the greatest possible emanation. that is why music helps you to feel higher.”  Thomas de Hartmann, Gurdjieff’s pupil and chief composer

Additional Information on the topics:

1. inverse abdominal breathing
2. six tonifying sound producing breathing techniques
3. Five sound techniques to support healing the organs
4. The use of mantra to open the central channel
5. Mantra to charge and stabilise the upper and lower dantians
6. The use of protective and devotional sacred chants as a means to attune the body and mind, to generate a sense of connectedness beyond time and space and as a means to let go fearfulness and feelings of isolation.
7. Using sound as a means to open and realign the spinal vertebrae.
8. The sacred music of Gurdjieff and de Hartman: where mathematics and ratios become vibratory experience. We will also use music from other composers who use the sacred harmonic ratios in their composition.
9. The law of octaves: vibration as a means to plan or predict success in enterprise or adventure. Abrief exploration of how the mathematics of the musical scale applies to all enterprise and purpose.


Full board, lodging and teachings €550.
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