Castelnau Durban is a twenty five minute walk form Tourné-almost exactly two kilometres by road along the Artillac valley. it can also be reached by footpath via Lacazas, see below for details.
The village has a bakery and general store where most essentials can be bought. it also has a tabac, a bar and the locally famous Chez Victor cafe and restaurant. This restaurant is nearly always full at lunch times so reservation is recommended. The food is highly regarded by locals for being simple and nourishing. in addition to the daily menu of 11 euros there is a full a la carte menu of more elaborate dishes. a family run restaurant for three generations, nearly everyone who lives between St. Girons and Foix knows of it!
Tuesday is market day in the village. On market day you will find a full range of fresh vegetables, a fine organic epicure, a bakery, a butcher. these are the regular stalls, there may be surprises at any time. the market services the local community and although it is small, it is one of the main focal points of the week in Castlenau Durban. There is a post office in the village.
Between May and September there is a local crafts and artisans shop selling craft products as well as a wide variety of local food such as goats cheese, preserves, oils and spices, paté. It is an excellent place to shop for gifts of high quality crafts and well presented food stuffs as well as local wines and beers.