This is a relatively easy walk for most people. Certainly, it will serve as a training walk to test your fitness for other more strenuous walks. The walk begins at the Col des Marrous. There are several ways to arrive at the Col des Marrous-either from Foix or from the Col de Port or directly from Tourné. From Tourné there are at least two direct routes to the start point of the walk, both take about 45 minutes leisurely drive along forest lined isolated roads. The drive itself is very agreeable.
The Walk needs little direction: just start at the Col des Marrous, pick up the signpost and follow the path through forest ad then open rolling hills where you can see wonderful 360 degree views. A truly wonderful place to picnic. It will take you about two hours to get to the top and maybe a further hour to get down. Reckon on a three to three and a half hour round walk.