Tao Winter Retreat 2018

Breath, Energy, Awareness

4th January – 13th January 2019


A ten day silent retreat to learn or to deepen meditation as a means to enjoy good health and a happy life. It is suitable for all levels of experience. A Tao teaching, participants will swiftly experience how the method efficiently quietens the mind and releases accumulated stress, negative emotions and blocked energy.
Participants with experience of other traditions and methods will quickly recognise the elements in this approach that are germane to all the great meditation traditions.

What to expect

Students will develop concentration using Taoist longevity breathing and nei gung.
Up to eight hours each day of formal meditation, emphasising the power of gentleness. Sessions will be divided between sitting, moving and standing meditation.
Participants can expect to extend their breathing capacity substantially and learn how to stabilise energy in the dan tien. These practices are at the foundation of longevity and harmonious being.
Develop concentration on the breath using the Taoist water method. Lengthen the breath and highly oxygenate the blood.
Develop mindfulness of energetic, emotional and mental blockages and release them.
Enter states of deep relaxation accompanied by stable, abundant energy.
Learn or deepen familiarity with the basic muscle change series and eight brocades.


These practices clear energetic blockages, promote deep breathing, stabilise the mind and chi, promote longevity and good health. Daily maintenance practice can be as short as three five minute sessions each day.
This retreat makes use of winter energy-nourishing the root and supporting strong foundation for spring. Aligning with the natural energy of the season affords great support and is always available.
The muscle change and eight brocades are easy to learn and take little time to practice. They are excellent short forms that support the organs and calm the mind with potential to increase chi flow.


One of the unique methods of Ram’s approach is the use of the ‘Three Sages’. These are three energies or modes of the teachings and the practitioner’s response to them. This threefold approach recognises that our response and amenability to aspects of the practice chnages according to mood, to energy and receptivity. The Three Sages variously deploy discipline when disciplne is appropriate and necessary; artistry and abandon.
There will be up to seven daily sitting meditation sessions, divided between timed sessions, guided sessions and personal practice sessions. Full instructions will be given in Taoist longevity breathing. The meditation method will lay the foundations for the Golden Flower meditation, directing eventually attention to the source of awareneness. The foundation stages include:

how to settle
where to place attention
when and on what to concentrate
balancing discipline and abandon

There will be daily sessions of Tao yoga [do-in] and chi gung-a basic muscle change and eight brocades work out to keep chi moving and lively, to support release of stagnant energy.

Level of Experience

Beginners and advanced practitioners will benefit from this retreat.


Begin 6.30pm Friday 4th January 2019
Ends 10.00am Sunday 13th January 2019
Cost: shared room: €750. Single room, private bathroom:  €850. Includes all meals, snacks, accommodation and teachings.

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