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Tourné  private retreats, a chance to detox, to learn or imrove yoga, tai chi or chi gung with expert tuition. Tailor made programs for all ages. Click here to see  details of our private retreats.



Each time I have worked with ram, either in qui gong, meditation or other work, I have left more balanced.

S.L. Lyon, Rhone Alpes

Let me tell you that I spent an unforgettable time with you, one of those  moments that makes a difference in life, a rich moment, a superb moment. I thank you for having recieved me with such sincerity and consideration. Our interaction made a profound impact.

B.D., Toulose, France

Private meditation, yoga or tai chi sessions for guests at Tourné whatever your age, physical condition or aspiration, you are sure to benefit from the courses we offer, either privately or during retreat open to all. You are welcome to discuss your requirements in advance. Many people form all walks of life have already benefited from a private retreat with Ram

Whether you want to learn or improve, Ram’s 30 years plus experience has proved to be of value to all who have worked with him. This comment came after a four day retreat organised for two people working in business in the UK:

“A private retreat with Ram and Paula supports my well being from every perspective. Inspiring, challenging, expansive teaching from Ram, with practical and insightful practice to take back to your daily life. Comfortable accommodation, friendly encouragement and nutritious food provided by Paula. With the grounding influences of air, earth, trees, water, sun, dogs, cats and donkeys.I truly feel I have begun to live again and can see the future.” M.P., Kew, London, May 2017.

If your are coming to Tourné as a chambre d’hôte or cottage guest, speak to Ram or Paula about the possibility of an introductory session during your stay.

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