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Monkey King Walks on Cloud: The last transmission of Da Mo.

Marrow Washing qigong retreat, Autumn qigong: arrive from 4pm 12th November 2019; ends 11.00am 17th November 2019. €480 per person in shared room. Single rooms: €625 per person. Please use the button below to inquire or reserve-be sure to mention the autumn retreat in your message!

Marrow washing qigong combines attention to all aspects of the physical body, to essence, to the nature of mind.

The Body Transmission: 24 yogic movements.

The forms are graceful combining aspects of tai chi chuan, ba gua chang and xingi chuan. Movement, stillness, internal and external.

The movement forms are adapted to changing circumstances of external life and to changing conditions of health and ageing.

Essence Transmission.

Concerns longevity or endurance. It refers also to evenness, to smoothness and ease when facing challenge.

The Marrow Washing qigong form is a means to make the physical body strong, to cleanse the bone marrow and eventually the brain; to allow the mind to return to its essential nature. This is the key aspect.

Mind transmission.

Concerns the special handling of awareness during movement and challenge. It is Da Mo’s mudra or his empty form.

Da Mo is the first Zen Patriarch. He is equally famous in Tibetan dzogchen as well as his native India.

A mahasiddha, Da Mo is not limited to time. The teaching of the marrow washing classic qigong is a practical way to enter the timeless realm.

Ram Chatlani has been practicing this form for nearly 30 years, writing about it for 15, laughing in it silently since a monk sat in a cave.