Tai chi: graceful, harmonious and connected movement.

This retreat will concentrate on principles to ensure that your understanding of taiji is authentic and useful. The Wu style taiji short form will provide the basic canvas. Learning the complete form and all the movements may take two retreats or more. Tao yoga standing postures will enhance your understanding of the moving form while meditation during the form, while standing in tao yoga postures and while sitting will point out the supreme mind state in which to learn and practice taiji. The short video above shows the complete form, accompanied by sunrise!


Tai chi: a principle and a form.

Everyone can learn and practice tai chi. Ram’s expertise comes from having learnt the form with Master B.K. Frantzis, a world renowned tai chi master. Ram has been teaching and practicing tai chi since 1991 and has integrated the principles of tao with his vast experience of hatha yoga, qigong and meditation. A retreat suitable for anyone who wishes to move more fluidly, to be more relaxed while increasing available energy.


PACKAGE 1 - Single room with en suite bathroom.
Features: river & Garden views, seating area and desk. Full Size Bed

€475 / Per person 3 nights four days

Single room with large adjoining private bathroom [not en suite but three steps away]. Garden views. available only when other rooms are booked out.

€410 / Per Person, 3 days 4 nights. €300 per person if shared.

PACKAGE 2 - 2 persons
Shared room, 2 persons, en suite bathroom, large room with seating area and desk, river & garden views. Double or single beds.

€690 (€345 / Per Person)


Prepare for your retreat

Take a tai chi retreat to relax, to restore your composure and sense of well being and to have an opportunity to revitalise your energy while learning some practices that will support you in your daily life. Tai chi is renowned for supporting longevity and calm in the face of challenge.

You will receive private tuition if you come alone, or as a couple or a group of friends, you will have instructions that are adapted to your immediate needs.

This will suit persons who wish to taste tai chi, also those who wish to thoroughly learn the form-but it will reuqire more than 4 days to learn completely. Expereinced practitioners of any tai chi form will gain benefit. Ram’s experience of Wu style and Yang style tai chi, his experience of buddhist and taoist qigong, hatha yoga and ba gua ensure that experienced practitioners will take home new insights into their practice. Your program will be adjusted to suite your preference and your level of experience.



Full board [light breakfast, brunch, four course evening meal, all drinks and snacks, wine included]. Single room with en suite bathroom, tuition in tao yoga or qigong, guided forest walks, use of bicycle.


Thirty per cent deposit on booking, non refundable if cancelled within 30 days of your chosen start date. We will waive this if you rebook for a date within 3 months. Balance payable in full 14 days before start date.