Tourné: A truly professional team.


Paula Davidson

Paula is central to everything at Tourné. She has over 20 years of experience as a manager and director of residential retreat centres. She designed and contributed to the renovations at Tourné. She is an acclaimed cook, manages the estate and runs the office as well as the team. She has considerable experience hosting teachers from a variety of traditions. She will welcome you with a smile as she has thousands of participants in the past.


Ram Chatlani

Ram guides the majority of retreats at Tourné, you can see his bio here. When he’s not teaching he will cook and manage practical aspects of the house and grounds. In the 1980’s he began to make plans for a holistic education centre. He spent many years visiting other centres worldwide, working with teachers and groups developing his skills as a teacher and insight into what a retreat centre can offer. Tourné is a joint vision he has shared with Paula and the rest of the team. An organic evolution of space.



An essential part of the Tourné team, Letti is likely to be the first person you meet if you travel by train. As well as organising transport, Letti is part of our silent background support in the house. She is an excellent masseuse and offers participants on retreats or guests at the house or gites massage sessions. Letti’s training is unique, learning through her contact with Olympic trainers.

tom l.jpg

Tom Long

Tom arrived at Tourné in 2005 for a retreat. He decided to stay! Since that time he has contributed to house renovations and maintenance as well as the gardens. An essential part of our team, he will also arrange transport and supports the needs of the team or of guests. Tom is also a masseur who has worked in Asia at health resorts and the UK at sports clinics as well as here in France.


Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins has worked with Paula and Ram since the mid 1980’s. He has been a professional ballet dancer at the Royal Opera house, the Berlin Ballet, the Lyon Ballet, the Berlin Ballet and has taught ballet and dance in Ecuador as well as in Lyon and London. He is a highly skilled teacher of dance and is a source of inspiration for all the team. His energy and outlook as well as his considerable skills as a craftsman are essential to our work at Tourné. He has over 20 years experience supporting retreat teachers, participants and the retreat centre.