“Lovely place, excellent experience looking forward to return”
Perfect stay: Fantastic hosts; delicious meals; excellent QIGONG and meditation sessions; great companions and conversations; beautiful and peaceful environment. Everything flows effortlessly A brilliant retreat for anyone who might want to press the pause button, to look for a clear vision, to heal or simply to feel and reconnect to yourself again. I would recommend it to everyone.

— Review by Sheila Laplanche Jul 25, 2019
“Blissful, happy few days.”

We had 4 days of total peace and relaxation in the most stunning setting. Ram and Paula are just perfect ‘hosts’ We fell in love with them and their home. We can’t recommend a few days in this paradise enough. We will be back!! xx
We have nothing negative to feed back...the only thing we didn’t like. Was leaving :-)
— Review by Claire Hall from United States June 29, 2019

“Great insight in a beautiful location”
Everything! Things started so well. We appreciated Paula kindly having a meal ready for us on our late arrival. We were overwhelmed by the grandeur of the accommodation and the king sized bedroom. The solitude and superb natural outlook of the site set the scene for a few beautiful days of escape and learning. The babbling crystal clear river at the front of the property is a constant reminder of the natural purity of the location. Ram is a vastly experienced and knowledgeable teacher who explains the techniques of Tao, Qigong and other yoga forms, with insight and inspiration. We were engaged and entranced by his patient instruction. We also really enjoyed the 4 courses of beautifully prepared food with a glass of wine each evening as well as convivial conversation with the other guests. Finally we were able to enjoyed some walks in the surrounding countryside of this unspoiled and beautiful region.
— Review by Ruth MacNeill from Australia June 22, 2019

“Exceeds all expectations”
True connection to nature and Extraordinary hosts. Professional and balanced training, Ram offers new glasses to look through the world but does not impose his views. We felt completely free. The food that Paula cooks has been able to surprise every night . A real pleasure to palate and very eclectic. The vegetables are self-growing and we could feel the food is seasoned with love. The rooms matched our expectations and are excellent value for money We will definitely come back!
— Review by Saar Ram from Israel June 17, 2019

the experience of a lifetime”
Going to Tourné was the best gift we could ever make to ourselves! Pictures don´t do justice to the superb house, the endless garden and the river, which is right on the property. We experienced the deep sense of not needing anything else than just being there. In fact I left my mobile phone there, but Paula immediately took care of sending it to me in Berlin. The perfect place to be, to begin and to go further. Finally a retreat which deserves this name! Before getting to Tourné we didn´t know what to expect, but we were very keen on trying something new and asked Ram to introduce us to QiGong. He embraced our suggestion straight away and we enjoyed some great sessions in which his clear instructions, yet cheerful and full of spirit, encouraged us to keep on practicing some sequences at home until the next time we meet. Yes, because it is impossible not to want to return to this place, to Ram´s teachings, to Paula´s cooking art (every dinner is a highlight full of flavours and homemade ingredients!), and to the way we felt there. We just returned a week ago, but we are already planning a new trip in October because this was far more than simply a retreat. It was a deeply changing experience, something was put into motion and we want to cultivate it.
— Review by Giorgia Barbera from Germany April 26, 2019

“Just what we needed”
The location is absolutely beautiful in a middle of a National Park. The nature is very pure and inviting and walks start right from the doorstep. Rams teachings are very adaptable to individual needs and he has masses of experience and most importantly this experience is from very pure lineages. We have prior meditation experience (zen) so we’re able to take things yet one level deeper with him. If you have a car, nearby small villages, the scenery and the countryside around the retreat centre are worth exploring.
— Review by Susanna Malkakorpi from Great Britain April 22, 2019

Great experience beyond expectations “
The authenticity of the teachings. Ram knows exactly where you are and what you need. His guidance is right on the spot every single time, feels like he exactly sees the the obstacles you encounter. The food; everyday Paula surprises you with excellent soups, salads, and more. Suburb cooking skills, served and prepared with love, kindness and compassion. Thank you! The atmosphere was optimal. Feeling very welcome, aprriciated, but well balanced with the privacy and Stillness you wish to have. Allways time for a small chat, a perfect place to be completely yourself. The library, don’t bring any books with you, there are hundreds of them plenty of your interest I know for sure.

— Review by Bastiaan Beemsterboer from United States March 5, 2019

Blissed and Blessed “
The retreat began with a beautiful nature walk with Paula and dogs - and a very warm welcome. Ram listened deeply, and devised a programme to teach, support and nurture meditation practice that is, was (and continues to be) transformative. Spending time in the most sacred of spaces, internally and externally was a great joy. Walking in the abundance of pure air, sky of dancing stars, or dazzling sun and glorious rain, 4 course breakfasts (who knew?!) and suppers, a bed of dreams and comfort.....what more? Amazing wildlife, the stuff to set a creative fire, and the sounds of silence. Wood burning stoves. Tranquility. Wonderful moments of conversation and connection with Paula and Ram who are the perfect hosts, knowing just when to “leave you be”. A piece of Tourne is in my heart as well as a tiny stone in my pocket, both enfolded with love.
— Review by Lucy Norris from Great Britain February 12, 2019

Unlocked a part of myself”
Ram is an incredible teacher. Paula is an incredible host. The whole setting allowed me to get out of my rusty self to unlock a part of me that I didn’t know was accessible to me. Beyond refreshing.
— Review by Tom Husson from Belgium February 8, 2019