Year Round Retreats

Retreats where you choose your start and end date [minimum three nights] as well as your preferred retreat theme. Group size varies between 1 and 6 people but everyone receives personal and individual instruction depending upon their level of expertise and needs.


Meditation, Tao Yoga & Qigong
4 days,three nights or more, all year

Suitable for experienced practitioners of meditation, yoga, or qigong, this is our most popular retreat. Refresh your outlook, your practice, learn a new approach.

Forest Walking: Bathing in Tao
4 days, three nights or more, all year

Explore the wonderfully wild and rich forests of the Artillac river valley in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. Includes tao yoga, a perfect complement. A natural way to be closer to the Tao.

Wu style Tai chi short form
4 days, three nights or more, all year

Learn or improve tai chi with the Wu style short form, as taught by Master B.K. Frantzis. For fluidity, energy management and stress release. Beginners or experienced practitioners