Seasonal Retreats at Tourné

Three or four times a year, group retreats that attract experienced practitioners as well as newcomers, providing an excellent balance. The themes repeat every year, which offers an opportunity to deepen practice and familiarity.

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Autumn Qigong Retreat, November 12th-15th 2019

The complete marrow washing classic series. With meditation and tao yoga sessions. Detailed instructions on internal and external aspects of every posture and transition. Unique discourses on the source of the practice: bodhidharma. Full board, accommodation in shared rooms and teachings, €480

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Winter Retreat, Saturday January 4, 2020-Monday January 13, 2020

One of our best attended retreats, offered since 2005 it is attended by long term practitioners with many years of experience as well as beginners. Complete instructions in Tao meditation, circular longevity breathing and tao yoga. Full board, accommodation and teachings, ten days, €750

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Summer Ba gua Retreat: 5th-11th August 2019

Ba gua or eight trigrams circle walking is based on the I ching. It is suitable for those seeking dynamic movement as well as those seeking gentle meditative walking practice. This retreat has been running since 2004 and combines fun with intensive practice. Complete instructions in ba gua walking method, circle walking, static palm postures and all palm changes according to level of experience. Full board, accommodation and teachings, six days, €525

Spring Retreat

Spring Retreat